Peace At Last

And there was peace at last

And there was peace at last

I’ve been working a lot of hours lately. A lot. Close to 60 hours a week since September. Ugh. Anyone who tells you that being an accountant is a great career needs to be kicked in a sensitive spot. Seriously.

As I became more stressed (and a lot more crazed) my poor, relatively new husband was concerned and alarmed (read: shaking his head while muttering, “WTF?”).

Did I mention I’m a newlywed? Yeah. He’d never seen me that way before. Our conversation went something like this:

Hubs, “You’re losing it.”

Me, “Duh.”

Hubs, “What can we do to make it better?”

Me, “Can I have my sewing space back, somehow?”

Hubs, “You betcha.”

Before he moved in, my second bedroom was set up as a sewing room. After he moved in (bringing his solid cherry, queen-size, sleigh bed with him) my sewing stuff was packed away and it became an actual spare bedroom.

The spare bedroom? It’s been used twice in a year.

When I began to lose it from work-stress, hubs spent a good twelve hours helping me tear that bed apart and re-arranging stuff in the spare room so I could pull my sewing stuff out of the closet. My hubs? He rocks. He is the best man I could ever ask for and I’m so incredibly lucky he asked me out and then asked me to marry him. (Well, it wasn’t that fast, but less than six months so it seemed that fast!)

Fast forward to the past two months.

As work stress and hours increase, my creativity at home skyrockets. I always manage to find a few hours each weekend to spend sewing or playing with my junk journal scrapbook. While surfing the DIY- Crafts category at Pinterest, I came across this gorgeous quilt. Go look. Drool. I’ll wait.

Well, that fantastic quilter also linked to the tutorial she used at Better Off Thread to make her quilt (another stunner). I clicked that link so fast my mouse didn’t know what hit it.

After two weekends of feverish sewing, much swearing, and lots of seam ripping, I now have this wonderful piece of happiness to hang in the office I am often chained in. YAY!

LoneStar in Purple

My piecing and quilting leaves a lot to be desired. I am woefully out of practice. After sewing that center section three times trying to get all the star points to come together correctly, this attempt was my “good enough, let’s move on” moment. The bright pink bled through and stained the back when I washed it, but I think it’s pretty cool anyway.

The sad part? I’m leaving on a business trip today and won’t get to hang it in my office until next Monday. Hmpf. I want to see it hanging on the wall so I can dream about doing a smaller-scale one for my apartment door.

And the hubs? He’s just happy I’m not losing it anymore. Peace at last.



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3 thoughts on “Peace At Last

  1. Espirational January 29, 2013 at 8:02 am Reply

    Very nice quilt!

  2. Janice February 1, 2013 at 4:54 pm Reply

    It looks beautiful, Beth! I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope you find your star inspiring in your new office:)

  3. Sharon December 14, 2013 at 9:16 pm Reply

    I’m an Accountant, too. I so agree that quilting is a great way to get creative for a few hours. Thank you for the glimpse into your quilting. My hubby, too, worries about my stress levels. I get such joy from piecing quilts. Thank you for sharing!

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